Intermediate Turkish

by: Jessica Tiregol, Ph.D.

Intermediate Turkish Cover
Using Intermediate Turkish, you can: Follow Mark, an American college student in Turkey, as he tours the country with his Turkish friend. Watch video and learn about greetings, shopping, food, dining out, weather, education, literature, holiday traditions, and more.  With our specially designed video player for language learning you can pause the video at any point and scroll the transcription. Read annotations about culture and grammar. Click on almost any word or sentence to hear it spoken, along with translations.   This course can be used either by independent learners or by students in a traditional or self-instructional classroom setting, and is the equivalent of the material covered in a one-year college course.  

Classroom-Tested and Peer-Reviewed

“The Intermediate Turkish course is really fun and interesting. It’s a great value and a lot more in depth compared to most online / app resources! I hope advanced Turkish is published soon so I can take that too!” – Aimee Moller, 5 Star Review
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Intermediate Turkish was developed and peer-reviewed by Turkish language experts, and was tested and used by college students as their textbook.  Intermediate Turkish is equivalent to a one year college course, and was originally published as part of the well-reviewed University of Arizona Critical Languages Series.

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Multiple Choice, Fill in the blank, and Listening Dictation exercises are provided for each lesson. A searchable audio glossary with thousands of words and translations helps you find every occurrence of a word or part of a word in all of the lessons.  

Sample Video: Lesson 2 “Welcome to Turkey”

Sample Video: Knocking on wood to ward off the “evil eye”:

Try one of the sample lessons below with video, transcriptions, annotations, translations, and individual word and sentence audio recordings:

Table of Contents and Sample lessons with Video

  1. Ben Kimim? (Who am I?)
  2. Türkiye’ye Hoş geldiniz! (Welcome to Turkey!)
  3. Türkiye’de Misafirperverlik (Hospitality in Turkey)
  4. Günaydın, İstanbul (Good Morning Istanbul)
  5. Boğaz Gezimiz (Our Bosphorus Trip)
  6. Hediye Alışverişinde (Gift Shopping)
  7. Pazarlık yapalım… (Let’s bargain)
  8. Edirne gezimiz (Our trip to Edirne)
  9. Yeşil Bursa (Green Bursa)
  10. Türk Mutfağını Tatmak (Tasting Turkish Cuisine)
  11. Bir varmış, bir yokmuş… (Once upon a time…)
  12. Asırlar önce Anadolu (Anatolia Centuries ago)
  13. Safranbolu’da yaşam (Life in Safranbolu)
  14. Görüşmek üzere… (See you…)


  1. Tongue Twisters
  2. Gestures
  3. Cultural Expressions
  4. Family Tree

Alphabet, Phonology, and Grammar (1-10 are review from Beginning Turkish)

  1. The Turkish Alphabet
  2. Phonology I
  3. Phonology II
  4. Nouns
  5. The verb “to be”
  6. Postpositions
  7. Pronouns
  8. Adjectives
  9. Particles
  10. Numbers, dates, prices, and more
  11. Verbs – Present Tenses
  12. Verbs – Past Tenses
  13. Verbs – Future Tense
  14. Verbs – Conditional Tense
  15. Verbs – Compound Verbs
  16. Adverbs
  17. Imperative, Optative, and Necessitative
  18. Reciprocal Constructions

About the Author

Jessica Tiregol received a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies with a concentration in the areas of Turkish and Late-Ottoman studies from Princeton University. Her research examined the role of primary education in nation-state-building for the case of the early Turkish Republic. Her professional experience has been in the field of instructional technology, specifically web development, content and project management. She has developed web sites and has assisted in computer-aided instruction for countless courses and organizations in all fields especially foreign languages. She is currently working for the UCLA Library as the Head of Digital Initiatives & Information Technology Operations Services.  She has also begun a project for a web-based language instruction program allowing for the creation and sharing of language materials among language instructors and learners. She is also the author of our Advanced Turkish course.

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