Advanced Turkish

By Jessica Tiregol, Ph.D.

Advanced Turkish Cover

Peer Reviewed by Janet Klein, Ph.D. and Hilal Sursal, Ph.D.
Coming Soon! Expand your knowledge of the Turkish language and culture through engaging, in-depth dialogues and unscripted discussions between native speakers. Watch video and read about art, food, contemporary media, legal issues, travel, soccer, horoscopes, folk tales, music, and more. Advanced Turkish was developed and peer-reviewed by Turkish language experts, and was classroom tested by college students using it as their textbook.  Advanced Turkish is equivalent to a one year college course, and was originally published as part of the well-reviewed University of Arizona Critical Languages Series.

Sample Video: Lesson 1

Table of Contents and Sample Lessons with Video


  1. Bir Nasreddin Hoca gülmecesi (A Nasreddin Hoca Story)
  2. Çim Serisi (Lawn Series)
  3. İnternete girelim mi, girmeyelim mi? (Shall we enter the Internet or not?)
  4. Fala meraklı (Interested in horoscopes)
  5. İnternet Fuarlarından İzlenimler (Impressions from Internet Conventions)
  6. Bir Kıbrıs ziyareti (A visit to Cyprus)
  7. Çocuk Bakımı (Childcare)
  8. Bursa Genç İş Adamları ve Yöneticileri Derneği (BURSA Young Businessmen and Managers Association)
  9. Haksız Rekabet (Unfair Competition)
  10. Sigara İçmek Yasak! (Smoking is prohibited!)
  11. Yemek Yapalım (Let’s make a meal)
  12. Bir Seyahat Macerası (A Travel Adventure)
  13. Ayasofya Gezisi (A Trip to Ayasofya)
  14. Geleceğimiz (Our future)
  15. O Filmi Anlatsana? (Why don’t you tell me about that film?)
  16. Futbol (Soccer)
  17. Ney (Reed Flute)
  18. Ödevimiz (Our assignment)
  19. Televizyon Dizileri (Television Series)

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About the Author

Jessica Tiregol received a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies with a concentration in the areas of Turkish and Late-Ottoman studies from Princeton University. Her research examined the role of primary education in nation-state-building for the case of the early Turkish Republic. Her professional experience has been in the field of instructional technology, specifically web development, content and project management. She has developed web sites and has assisted in computer-aided instruction for countless courses and organizations in all fields especially foreign languages. She is currently working for the UCLA Library as the Head of Digital Initiatives & Information Technology Operations Services. She has also begun a project for a web-based language instruction program allowing for the creation and sharing of language materials among language instructors and learners. She is also the author of our Intermediate Turkish course.

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