Intermediate Ukrainian

By: Oksana Sachyk, Ph.D.

Intermediate Ukrainian Cover Using our Intermediate Ukrainian online course, you can follow Kateryna, a Canadian school teacher, as she tours Kyiv with her Ukrainian friend and learns about the history and culture of Ukraine. Watch video and learn about greetings, shopping, food, dining out, weather, education, literature, holiday traditions, and more.  With our specially designed video player for language learning you can pause the video at any point and scroll the transcription. Read annotations about culture and grammar. Click on almost any word or sentence to hear it spoken, along with translations.   This course can be used either by independent learners or by students in a traditional or self-instructional classroom setting, and is the equivalent of the material covered in a one-year college course.  

Classroom-Tested and Peer-Reviewed

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Intermediate Ukrainian was originally published as part of the highly reviewed University of Arizona Critical Languages Series, and we have added many new mobile-friendly features. The course contains 20 lessons featuring 21 videos of native speakers with transcriptions, translations, and hundreds of annotations. It includes over 10,000 native speaker word and sentence audio recordings. Intermediate Ukrainian was peer-reviewed by Ukrainian language experts Teresa Polowy, Ph.D. and Svitlana Rogovyk.

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Multiple Choice, Fill in the blank, and Listening Dictation exercises are provided for each lesson. A searchable audio glossary with thousands of words and translations helps you find every occurrence of a word or part of a word in all of the lessons. Here is a demonstration video showing how our searchable audio glossary works for Beginning Ukrainian (other levels similar).

Sample Video: Unit 1, Introduction

Our Special Video Player for Language Learning (Intermediate Ukrainian is Similar)

Table of Contents and Free Sample Lessons with Video

Try one of the sample lessons below with video, transcriptions, annotations, translations, and individual word and sentence audio recordings:
  1. ЗНАЙОМСТВО (Introduction) , Try a Listening Dictation
  2. ТАРАС ШЕВЧЕНКО (Taras Shevchenko)
  3. ВІДПУСТКА (Vacation)
  4. УКРАЇНА (Ukraine)
  5. НА ПАСПОРТНОМУ КОНТРОЛІ (At the Passport Checkpoint)
  7. КИЇВ (Kyiv)
  8. ПРОГУЛЯНКА ПО КИЄВУ: Частина 1 (A Walk Through Kyiv: Part 1)
  9. ПРОГУЛЯНКА ПО КИЄВУ: Частина 2 (A Walk Through Kyiv: Part 2)
  11. У ТЕАТРІ (At the Theatre)
  12. МІСЬКИЙ ТРАНСПОРТ (City Transportation)
  13. ФОТОАЛЬБОМ (Photo Album)
  15. ПРО СПОРТ (About Sport)
  16. УКРАЇНСЬКІ РІЗДВЯНІ ТРАДИЦІЇ: Частина 1 (Ukrainian Christmas Traditions: Part 1)
  17. УКРАЇНСЬКІ РІЗДВЯНІ ТРАДИЦІЇ: Частина 2 (Ukrainian Christmas Traditions: Part 2)
  18. ПРО ЗДОРОВ’Я (About Health)
  19. ДО ПОБАЧЕННЯ, КИЄВЕ (Saying Goodbye)
  20. ЛИСТ ДО ДРУГА (Letter to a friend)

What Our Subscribers are Saying:

“A truly remarkable feature of this course are the incredibly well written grammar notes! These really take into account the likely challenges for English speakers attempting to acquire Ukrainian…”

About the Author

Oksana Sachyk graduated from Kyiv State Shevchenko University, Kyiv, Ukraine in 1991 with a diploma with honors in Romance and Germanic Languages and Literature. From 1991 to 1994 she attended post graduate courses in Foreign Literature at the same University and in 1997 defended her thesis and received a PhD degree in Linguistics. Oksana Sachyk has ten publications in the area of her studies in Ukraine. From 1994 to 2001 she worked first as lecturer and later as associate professor at Kyiv National Shevchenko University, Department of Foreign Philology teaching courses in English Language and Literature. In 2001 Oksana Sachyk moved to Canada, and taught Ukrainian and Russian at FLIO, the Foreign Language Institute of Ottawa, Canada from 2002 to 2008. Since 2008, she has worked as a language specialist and learning consultant for the Canadian government.  She is also the author of our Beginning Ukrainian course.
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