About Language Canvas

Language Canvas™ refers to the way we present layers of knowledge for language learning using conversational dialogs. Get involved with a story using videos of native speakers.  To understand the story, we provide you with a transcription of the video along with hundreds of annotations about grammar, culture, and usage.  You can also listen to thousands of native speaker audio recordings for both words and sentences with translations. Using these tools, you can dive into a conversation, slow it down, understand all of the moving parts, and test your comprehension with helpful exercises such as Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-blank, and Listening Dictation (using the Moodle Learning Management System).

Our Special Video Player for Language Learning:

After decades working on language teaching research and development at the University of Arizona, we have licensed the content and technology of the highly reviewed University of Arizona Critical Languages Series, and added many new mobile-friendly features.  Beginning Brazilian Portuguese, Beginning Cantonese, Intermediate Cantonese, Beginning Kazakh, Beginning and Continuing Korean, Beginning Kurmanji Kurdish, Beginning Turkish, Intermediate Turkish, Beginning Ukrainian, and Intermediate Ukrainian are now available for subscription. Or sign up for our mailing list below so we can let you know when materials for your language of interest are available.

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